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Ab Board for Post Op Recovery

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Our Ab Board will help minimise swelling, bruising, and irritation. It will also prevent your skin from wrinkling or becoming agitated by compression garments.

The Benefits:

Support & Compress: Ab Boards create a barrier between your skin and girdle. They work with your garments to prevent fluid retention.

Flatten Your Stomach: Our Ab compression board helps control your tummy. It flattens everything out while maintaining comfort. It covers your tummy, from under your breast to the lower part of your abdomen.

Ergonomic & Barely Visible: Designed to curve with your body, not against it. It won't protrude outwards, so others won't notice it's there.  Wear your Ab Board with any outfit and peace of mind.

How To Use: Slip your Ab Board under your compression garment and over your abs. If needed, hand wash your Ab Board with a mild soap and let it air dry.

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